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Monday, September 13, 2010


Conservatives have difficulty understanding their liberal counterparts, particularly the far left. This is primarily due to the conflicting value systems between the two groups which are distinctly different. Conservatives tend to possess a John Wayne-esque sense of right and wrong, that they should be moral and responsible citizens, work hard, play fair, and help their neighbors. It is beyond their comprehension that anyone would think otherwise, and therein lies their weakness, they believe everyone is playing by a uniform set of rules. They're not. The radical left is engaged in a holy war or Jihad against the fundamental tenets of the United States and want to transform it into something they themselves do not comprehend, namely chaos whereby right appears to be wrong and vice versa.

Let's consider the proposed Ground Zero mosque in New York City for a moment. Nobody contests the right of Muslims to practice their religion, but constructing such a mosque near the site of one of the world's most horrific terrorist episodes caused by Muslim extremists, a place which even President Obama labeled "hallowed ground," is not only inappropriate, it's downright insulting. It would be like allowing a Shinto Shrine to be built next to the Battleship Arizona in Pearl Harbor, or a Nazi headquarters opposite the Holocaust Memorial Museum, or an American Church in the middle of Hiroshima, or a U.S. Embassy inside Mecca. There's such a thing as taste and decorum, and the Ground Zero mosque is plain and simply wrong. The proposal to build such a structure would have been unfathomable in the 1940's, 50's, or even the wild 60's. The enemies of the United States though are trying to use our own system to their advantage and play the Americans as patsies. Conservative critics of the mosque are labeled "Islamaphobic" by the left which is hardly the case and rather insulting.

The lesson here is that the radical left, those obsessed with toppling America, will go to any lengths to subvert America. They are emboldened by a liberal president, Congress and media, and will wrong, cheat and defraud anyone who gets in their way. There is no moral conscious, there is no playing by the rules. The country is at war and the only thing standing between America's annihilation are conservatives and the U.S. Constitution. However, the problem is conservatives do not realize they are embroiled in a down and dirty fight, and don't know how to do likewise. Again, it is the John Wayne in them inhibiting their tactics.

Despite the country's enormous budget deficit, obnoxious health insurance reform, etc. there is indeed a silver lining to the election of President Obama and the Democratic Congress; it reveals the left's agenda and tactics with remarkable clarity. The left follows the teachings of people like Saul Alinsky, the community organizer extraordinaire and the doctrine of socialism, which is the antithesis of capitalism. They are organized, they have no moral conscious, and are very determined to turn America upside-down. They only follow the U.S. Constitution when it suits their needs. Their motto is "Attack, Attack, and Attack again," which is not too dissimilar to Japan's "Tora, Tora, Tora" as used in World War II. If you say something they do not like, they will attack not only what is said but the integrity of the person who said it. In other words, liberals are under orders to target their enemies and "take them down." Deception, lies, and character assassination are all a part of their play book. For example, this article will undoubtedly attract their wrath.

Only recently are conservatives coming out of the closet and the liberals do not like it. The pompous attitude of the left is elitist in nature and they mock anyone who thinks otherwise, e.g., "Only a moron would be a conservative." The difference here is that the left believes in the government controlling the citizens, and the conservatives believe that government exists to serve the people, two totally incompatible philosophies.

Perhaps the biggest weapon in the conservative's arsenal is education, but this is hampered by a media that leans to the left. Fortunately, the Internet offers unfettered freedom to educate people, supplemented by town hall meetings, and protests. Even then, the left tries to disrupt such avenues of expression. However, the worst thing conservatives can do is to do nothing at all, thereby becoming submissive to the left. Conservative silence represents submission to liberal doctrine, hence the problems we are experiencing today.

What is it the conservatives do not understand? They are at war with a ruthless enemy who, if they win, will destroy America as we know it. This is not a conventional war in the sense that it is not fought with guns and bombs, but with aggressive rhetoric, trickery, and fraud. Let's hope it is not too late to make a difference.

Vote Tuesday, November 2nd.

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