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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Over the years I have learned our lives are defined by what we believe in. We act and make decisions based on our perceptions and beliefs. Perceptions deal with our senses, how we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell things, representing our input devices. Beliefs though deal with concepts such as morality, our values and priorities, and how we apply logic. Maybe the best way to think of a person's beliefs is it represents how someone is programmed. What we believe dictates our actions and decisions. For example, if we believe it is safe on the other side of a door, we will open it. If we believe someone is a fool, we will treat him accordingly.

Actually we have hundreds of beliefs. Here are a few of my own personal beliefs I would like to share as they apply to living in the United States and not in any particular order:

* I believe we must all live and enjoy meaningful and productive lives.

* I believe our personal and professional lives are one and the same; that our work is a reflection of our personality.

* I believe in the Golden Rule, that we should "do unto others as we would have others do unto us."

* I believe it is important for good to triumph over evil, right over wrong.

* I believe in the sanctity of the family unit.

* I believe capitalism is the best economic system for promoting personal initiative, human freedom, and competing in a global economy.

* I believe everyone should pay their fair share, but their own fair share only, not someone else's.

* I believe in helping my neighbors and those less fortunate than myself, but I do not believe this should be mandated by anyone, particularly government.

* I believe the U.S. Constitution is an extraordinary document that defines who we are as Americans and, as citizens, we should preserve, protect and defend it to the best of our ability.

* I believe the United States is a beacon for freedom, liberty, and human rights.

* I believe we should practice citizenship. If we don't like it here, we should leave and move elsewhere.

* I believe in being patriotic to my country and cherishing the symbols of it, such as the flag, the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem, etc.

* I believe government should not be overly intrusive in our lives. Government should serve the people, not the other way around.

* I believe in my interpretation of God. If you want to practice my religion, that's fine; if you want to practice another, that's fine too, and; if you don't want to practice any religion at all, I have no problem with that.

* I believe America is not perfect and that it is our duty, as citizens, to make it better. I also believe it is important to follow the laws and rules of the land, otherwise chaos will reign, but we should also challenge the status quo in order to evolve and improve.

* I believe in America.

This is but one person's interpretation of America. It doesn't represent liberal or conservative doctrine, just mine. However, I cannot help but wonder if any of our government officials believe any of this.

Keep the Faith!

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