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Friday, December 19, 2014



- My most popular columns this year.

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This is my last column for the year as I prepare to enjoy the holidays and rest up for 2015. As has become customary, I'm going to use this opportunity to review my top essays from the past year.

As you know, I write on a variety of subjects, such as management, systems, technology, social issues, politics, and observations of our changing world. Sometimes my work is instructional and informative, other times it is controversial or humorous. I certainly hope it isn’t boring. By the number of subscribers I have, their comments, and the hits I have on my web site, I do not believe this is the case.

For my year-end column, I researched my statistics to see which were my most popular articles and speculate on their popularity. Herein, therefore, are my “greatest hits” for 2014.

Without a doubt, this was my #1 column of the year. In it I described the passing of two high school teachers who had a profound effect on me. This allowed me to comment on the long term effect teachers have on their students. True, many of my classmates enjoyed it, but I also heard from several teachers and students on this one. I evidently hit a nerve.

This column discussed the use of punctuation in a job resume. Frankly, I was surprised by how popular it became with the public. Those who took typing classes years ago could particularly relate to it.

This was a personal favorite of mine where I provided a tongue-in-cheek description of what retirement is really like. I received considerable e-mails on this one, most loving it, others resenting how accurate I was in describing the various retirement activities.

I write a lot of political commentary, but this was my most popular as people could relate to the sound bites the president regularly serves up, and how they should be translated.

Here, I provided a humorous description of the "Murphy's Laws" that regularly drive us crazy. The public enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

A political piece laced with humor. This was another favorite of mine, and a column several people could relate to. One reader said, "So funny Tim - But maybe entirely too true."

This is part of an on-going series of articles where I discuss the dangers of technology addiction. I believe this is something many people tend to overlook.

As part of my consulting practice, I wrote this essay which was derived from management concepts in the acclaimed movie, "Twelve O'Clock High." These simple concepts were taught by the military for many years following World War II.

Another essay from my consulting practice where I discussed the need for customer service. This generated substantial comments.

This was an unusual column where I discussed the unique taste of Italian Red Sauce, and that everyone claims to have the best recipe. I received considerable comments on this one (most purporting to have the best sauce).

Through my hit counters, I also discovered what my most popular column was prior to 2014. Far and away, it was:

I'm not sure why this was so popular, as I was describing an ancient adding machine we had in our office. Evidently, it was the same type of machine many other people used in the past. I believe they missed its simplicity, effectiveness, and sound.
For me personally, 2014 will best be remembered as the release of my "Bryce's Uncommon Sense" series of books, where I discussed politics, management, change, and the American character.
I want to thank all of my readers who commented on my columns this year, both in print and on the radio. Although I may not have time to respond to everyone, rest assured I read all of your comments, both good and bad. Thank you. It’s nice to know people are listening.

Happy New Year.

Keep the Faith!

NOTE: My column will return January 5th

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